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    We have to step up about this Issue..

    hey guys now I'm really concerning about what happen to one of our member in this forum..Flying off from his brand new 300TX just because the only bolt holding the reverse buckle snap in 2 pieces..and that was only at 55-60mph..i can't imagine running this monster over 80MPH and flying like that..OMG..we have to start calling our dealers and let them know about this issue..really scary ..

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    There's only one reported case of this so it's not an "issue". Unless there are more instances of this happening there's nothing to think about.

    You have a better chance of running into something on the water and getting tossed.

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    i totally understand ptscon..but we can not wait until somebody get seriously hurt or even kill to said sometime..if that bold it is made from a not strong material soon will be more report..all this skip are assemble with the same parts..

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    It's still uncertain as to why the bolt broke. Did it break before or after the brake engaged? I am leaning towards the brake somehow engaging and the thrust on the bucket broke the bolt.

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    Swap it out with a 12.9 grade bolt. Granted it'll rust without some sort of sealer,or change out frequently.

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    Your dealer is going to look at you like, Oh, your one of those internet guys....

    Ptscon is right, until more are reported or seen this is not a major issue.

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    Yep, things are always going to happen here and there. Just the nature of what we do but we can't mistake an incident for an outbreak. Hope the guy is ok.

    Not that it makes it any better, but you don't start breaking bones till about 80. And a helmet will likely decapitate you once water scoops under the chin.

    55-60 is a reality check none the less. And makes for a bad day.

    Has someone determined what caused it at all?

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    Has this nozzle ever been removed or is this a from the factory boat? It is important to be sure these bolts are torqued to spec!!!...if they are over torqued they WILL have way more tendancy to break....I have had 1 break on me since 2008 but for sure i no it was over torqued....just my opinion

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