Still learning the ski here, LOL

Since I've been running the ski on a regular basis I now am seeing and hearing things that need to be addressed. So with that said I noticed at a slow idle and even 15-20 mph I have what seems to be a miss and you can notice it at top speed as well now that I'm getting used to ski and I know what I'm listening for. Can this be a reed valve/s going bad? I did the primer bulb to this one so one pull of the choke and it pops right off and unless it sits for a length of time on water and I may have to choke it again. It's just when you give it throttle it has that miss to it as well as at top speed. Now if I were in one of my dirt track cars I would already be doing a compression check to see what valve was giving me problems. These don't have the normal valves but reeds are a type of valve.

Are the 2 strokes the same way ... compression test that is? Or at least to see if reed valves are causing this. I mean I did buy the ski used and it is a 98' but I'll make it right as long as I understand what to look or listen for. I've read and looked online about reed valve's and see they do get weak over time and use like anything else and need replacing at some point. But that miss is irritating and doesn't seem to happen all the time but that doesn't mean it's not or at least I'm just not hearing it at different points.

As always thanks in advance for any info.