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Thread: 2002 Virage I

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    2002 Virage I

    800DI, was running great, shut off for a minute or so and will not restart, if I pour a little fuel in air intakes, it will run fine, shut off and let set for a few seconds and will not restart unless I pour fuel. I have replaced all fuel lines, have 6psi's fuel pressure, replaced spark plugs. have voltage to injectors, swapped CDI, with identical ski that also will not run, still no luck.

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    6PSI is really low fuel pressure for a Ficht engine. Has the fuel pressure regulator mount been repaired/reinforced yet?

    What is the voltage to the white/red wire when the engine is cranking with lanyard in place? Do not unplug any file injectors, find another place to tap into white/red

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    Fuel should be around 20PSI, 6 is WAY to low.
    When you say CDI, I'm assuming you mean the EMM? Silver box with black lids that says FICHT on it?
    If so, you need to make certain you use the injectors that go with that box. You cannot just swap them like you would on a car. The injectors are married to the EMM, and must stay together.

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