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    Need gaskets/sealants/other products opinion - immediate substitution

    I'm looking for substitution options/additions to gaskets when reassembling 65U from the cylinder head gasket, working back to the carbs.

    1) The head gasket, triple layer gasket, is in good shape. I've heard spraying copper or use Triplebond 1211. I have Hondabond 4 and can get most any permatex product.

    2) The cylinder head COVER gasket is toast. I do not have a replacement received yet, can Hondabond 4 or Ultra Grey replace that gasket?

    3) Then I get to carb plate to Intake and also carb to carb plate. I have a few week old gasket from each but a couple bolt openings have a small tear. Would you add a light covering of Hondabond 4 on each side of the gasket or use Hondabond 4/Ultra gray without the used paper gasket?

    This isn't a permanent solution (unless it's a good solution).

    Finally, what would you use to clean this up?

    Thanks for any help!!

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    Need to replace the bad gaskets even if you have to wait on them.

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    Yeah seriously, I would just get you some new gaskets. Those sealants (copper coat) are bad about clogging small ports in the water jackets.

    To clean those surfaces use a gasket scraper for the heavy stuff and them finish up with a scotch brite pad and some solvent (or like brake clean), then wash with water and blow dry

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    you can use a bit of CLR too to cut through the water mineral deposits. CLR (calcium, lime and rust remover) can be bought at the grocery store.

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    As for the gaskets....and I know they get a bad rap, but SBT will get the gaskets to you the quickest. I've had alot of problems with their pistons lately, and will no longer use them, but their gaskets without exception are EXACTLY like OEM. I still use and recommend their gaskets, and they ship fast. As for prep work, I would add this to the previous posts. Once you have the gasket surfaces clean use a fine honing Stone to level the surfaces and remove any burrs. Keep the stone wet with WD40 or your favorite spray lubricant, and work the stone in short circular strokes. It puts a superior surface on the aluminum, removes burrs, and makes a high quality seal when made up with a gasket or 3bond. I also second the previous posts....get new gaskets, even if you have to wait on them. The head gasket and head cover gasket should never be reused, and you should never use any additive on a head gasket. The black coating on the gasket is the additive.

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    Thanks, I appreciate it. I have a number of small burs around the surface, almost in a perfect pattern. What causes that? Its wild that the pattern is almost uniform.

    Is there a specific grit for the stone?

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    The finest one you can get, I think mine is 400 grit. Keep it wet with oil at all times while using it, and flush it clean with brake cleaner once you finish with it. The burrs are usually caused by scraping with a razor blade.

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