Just had the carbs rebuilt because the ski was running rough. After getting it back its better, but carbs weren't the entire problem. Center cylinder is only 60psi. The other two are ~130psi. The only top-end kits I've found are all oversized pistons (.25mm, .50mm, .75mm, 1mm). Even with low psi on the center cylinder, it still runs 50MPH. Its sluggish under 25MPH, but sounds fine after that.

Realizing I'm running on borrowed time, how far does it make sense to go here? Should I rebuild it? What does it cost to have the cylinders bored/honed? For the rebuild, what kind of performance should I expect after doing all this? If I'm going to go this far to rebuild it, what would it take to make the ski run 65MPH when I'm done?

Also, any recommendations on mechanics around Charlotte NC? (contact info?)

1998 Tigershark TS1000L
Top end kit $270