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    Can one swap/install other insurment panels? 1100 STX 98'

    OK, up front if I get flamed for this question I deserve it .... I did absolutely no research before I asked this

    Now to the meat of question. Can I swap out the instrument panels or parts from different ski's? A better explanation is I like the 1100 ZXI panel with the analog Speedo/Tach/fuel and 2 indicator lights more than the digital I have now on my 98 stx 1100... I would leave out the trim, I don't have it.

    Just seeing if signals from CDI box, speed sensor and fuel were the same? I already deleted the oil pump and do a premix so that's not a problem. Wiring in new wires to analog indicators isn't a concern. I say analog, I understand they are getting a signal to operate but I like the old school looking gauges which in days gone by were analog which are what the ZXI has.

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    Dont see why those signals are any different, both these machines you are talking about are not very complicated and have a very simple wiring harness. What you need to do is get a wiring diagram for your machine and the donor machine to inspect the inputs that go into the display. I have done this on a yamaha before just had to change a few pins on the connector.

    Now for the display fitting without customization i dont know.

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    Can one swap/install other insurment panels? 1100 STX 98'

    Not the same fuel sender range, so that one right there is out. And you can't simply swap senders because the ZXi sender is longer.
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    The fuel level sending units are different between analog & digital gauges. You would have to swap the sender, and find one that has the correct length. I don't know about the oil level. IIRC, the ZXi just had an on-off switch with a light, so you can probably swap the switch if it fits the hole in the tank. Speedo is probably the same.

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