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Thread: 2up vs 3up

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    2up vs 3up

    Hello everybody
    For next season I want to buy a 3up Spark and sell my 2up because in Germany where I live it's allowed to wakeboard behind a 3 up Spark only. Also I forget to order iBr and VTS for my 2up. So that's why i want to buy the 3up. My only question is if the 3up is so agile as the 2up. Can I make wheelies with the 3up also?
    Jannik from Germany

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    No....the 3up is no where near as agile as the 2up...and No..the 3up will not do wheelies as good/compared to the 2up....but...if you take the Rear Extension OFF the 3up then you'd have the exact same ski as a 2up...and you'd still be legal as having a 3up to pull the wakeboard due to the sticker stating the ski is a of both worlds.

    Also as a side note about agility of the 2up & 3up....wonder why the NEW Seadoo Trixx is ONLY available in a 2up model.

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