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    Wastegate solenoid

    Where can I find a new wastegate solenoid?
    My machine still has the old style on front of the turbo
    I think it quit working because I'm not getting full boost
    Engine runs great up to 5900 rpm and doesn't rev any higher, boost is at about half on the gauge

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    Check first for boost leaks. Bad solenoid usually causes overboost.

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    Boost Valves can fail in the unpowered or powered state. In the powered state (venting) you'll overboost. In the unpowered state (to WGA) you'll get ~6psi max.

    But I too agree with checking for boost leaks. I've had a hose pop off and the max RPM I could reach was 5900.

    WeberPower sells the kit with newer style boost valve and relocation bracket.


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