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    Barn find but need some advise/help 1995 Polaris slt750

    I picked up this 1995 Polaris slt750 with the trailer for 300 bucks. It has been in storage for several years (has not been registered since 2008 ).

    I first want to say I have been spending the last few weeks reading this forum and want to thank you all as you have really helped me know where to start and do to get this ski back on the water.

    The gas tank was empty and I emptied the oil reservoir and replaced with 2 stroke oil. I replaced all the fuel lines and oil lines and am in stalling a new 3 way fuel pump.

    I did a compression test and found problems getting the starter to work. I found if I hit the starter switch several times the starter would kick over and I was able to get compression readings between 120 and 125 across all three cylinders, but I was getting blow back through the mag cylinder carb so I know from reading here I have a broken reed valve.

    I pulled the pump and found it was in good shape with no odd noises or binding and the prop looked brand new. I pulled the carbs to rebuild using mikuni kits I just received and pulled the reed valves to replace them as well.

    When I did this I found oil in the bottom of the crank case?? I am not that familiar with 2 stroke motors and do not know if this is right or not, if not what causes this?? I have posted a pic of it here.

    I also started to look into my starter problem and when I opened by electric box I found that water had gotten inside and made a mess of the board and everything else. I have also posted a pic of this too.

    I was wondering is all that brown stuff in the box mud?? I am concerned that this ski has been sunk, even though my inspection on the crank/heads/cylinder walls showed no signs of rust? any help would be appreciated. thx

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    That is too much oil sitting in the bottom of the engine. Normally there should just be a thin film of oil inside the engine and perhaps a teaspoon of pooled oil in the bottom. Suction the excess out. Look for signs of water hiding under the puddled oil.

    At a guess, it is possible someone added extra oil to the engine to help preserve it in storage. Another possibility is the hull was stored with the oil tank much higher than the engine and the oil crept through the oil pump system and dribbled down into the engine over time.

    Sometimes these hulls are stored outside and rainwater accumulates inside the hull if the drain plug was in place. Partially or completely sunk is possible.

    You will need to clean up that electrical box. Replacement terminal boards are available. I would also replace the start solenoid.

    From the factory the board would have been smeared with dielectric grease to protect it from corrosion.

    You may want to inspect the flywheel housing interior for signs of water or rust.

    Click here for LOTS more info.

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    thx I will remove the oil today. the oil injector lines come into the carb right at the top. they are soaking now in solvent for the rebuild but when I take them out is there a way to check them to see if they are faulty causing the oil to drain into the case again?? can I inspect the flywheel housing by removing that small black plug on the mag side of the engine where the stator is housed? I have a scope I can stick in there?

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    If you can get the inspection plug out of the flywheel housing top then you can see the flywheel rim.

    Not much room for an inspection scope though.

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    I pulled the rubber plug and everything inside looked good, no water or rust. I have been soaking my carbs and I can not get air to blow through this hole?? Is this sealed and nor suppose to allow air through or do I need to use a piece of wire to clean it out?? I am talking about the end hole in the first pic below.
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