Hello I am currently rebuilding my yamaha 700 xl yet pump. I bought a bearing kit WSM 003-629.In it is two bearings and four oil seals. I have seen the tread of green hulk, how to do. However my question is on the oil seals. I have two oil seals that will fit between prop and rear bearing. And two on the back bearing between nut and bearing.
In Greenhulks threat, there seems to be no oil seals fitted to the back bearing and the cone? Is this just extra sealS GENERIC FOR ANOTHER JET PUMP? I cannot see these seals on the diagram on Yamaha wave runner xl? On yamaha genuine parts diagram it only shows two oil seals at the rear. Also in service manual it only refers two two oil seals.

I just need some pointers as to which oil seals to fit? It does not make sense to fit rear oil seal, will prevent grease from flowing?