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    RPM Kit-?????Add Wedge or not? All you konwledgable riders chim in.

    Have a RPM kit sitting on floor here to be installed.

    While I am doing the kit, should I add pump wedge?

    Does wedge decrease stability? At high speed? Low Speed?

    Will RPM kit still allow me to tow tube? 14/21 impeller.

    Will Wedge throw spray onto towable while being towed?

    Better to leave wedge off?

    Going to do full kit with waterbox mod.........any 15F riders notice difference with or without Waterbox mod. Is spreading hull to get muffler out a big deal?


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    Go to page 5 of newbie with 06 15f. Ther you will see my post of what I have done to my two 15f's. I pull tubes, wake bord and so on all the time. They pull AWSONE allthe time.

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    Any issue with wedge at speed, porpusing?

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    I would recommend trying it without the wedge and then try it with the wedge installed. There is a difference. Some people like it while others don't. If you search some of the posts you will see varying opinions. I think you'll love the RPM kit but with the wedge there's no way of knowing without riding both ways.


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