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    inspect exhaust filter guy...ive looked and cant find answer. do i have to remove intercooler and unstrap water box to check exhaust bolts out but she aint moving. got a service manual on the way...25 hours on a 2015 kaw. 310x.

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    just pry the waterbox back with a bar from the s/c pulley to waterbox and twist the drop pipe off. the manual states to remove the collector but there is no need doing it this way. the waterbox will push back.

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    thanks again having to learn the mechanics of a new to me

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    that worked...thanks again!

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    also...exhaust filter at 25 hours in fresh water looks new...

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    Quote Originally Posted by billy d View Post
    that worked...thanks again!

    That indeed did work! So this 75 ish hour filter still good right?

    All humor aside, looked in water box with lighted mirror saw nothing but pipe that goes from one side to the other (I guess that's where it goes). It was also dry in there (at least on the side I could see). Should I get waterbox out of there to see if filter fragments are on other side of WB or just put new filter in and call it a day? If out is the answer; what is the trick for getting that thing outta there?
    Thanks in advance,
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    OK so I figured out how to get WB out via taking the intercooler out. Yes the remnants of the filter were in the other half of the WB and I was able to fish them out. The question now is: anything I should do now that the intercooler is sitting on garage floor? Any maintenance on the intercooler itself? How about the sc/sc belt?

    I've been religiously flushing engine/intercooler after every ride, fogging after every ride, and changing oil/filters on schedule, plus spark plugs every 25 hours or less. Some of the periodic maintenance stuff in the manual seems like a little much (hence the exhaust filter element in WB). Any help would be appreciated.

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