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Thread: 2002 Yamaha r6

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    2002 Yamaha r6

    I just bought a 2002 Yamaha r6. When I bought it I rode it home 3 hours. It ran fine. Now when I start it I have to take the tank off. Pull all the fuel lines out and put it all back together and it starts right up. Then when I go to ride it I make it a mile down the road and it just shuts down on me and I have to push it back cuz it won't start. And it won't start for at least and hour or so unless I take the tank off and do that process all over again. I currently don't ride it cuz of the problems. Why is all of this. What is causing me to take the tank off to start it and what us causing it to shut down when I ride it.

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    I think you have the wrong forum

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    Unless you want to drop an MR-1 engine in it, we can't help.

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