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    Quick Price Check

    Made an offer of $1000 on a tandem trailer with a 1997 SLTX on it. Seller claims it ran good when put away except for limp mode due to fuel float issue. I will of course compression test as well as borescope the cylinders when I go look at it. Seller says it has not run in 3 years. So I will need to do the typical stuff, check carbs, hoses, etc, etc. getting kinda good at this.

    This would be as a second ski to my 1996 SLT. Probably sell the SLX in the spring (in my sig). that SLT hull is sooooooooooo much better. SLTX is just my SLT with more power, right???

    Reasonable price??

    Thanks all.

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    I also need a tandem trailer, so that would factor in. Trailer is aluminum and looks in great shape in pics.

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    Sltx 20lbs heavier 120HP
    Slt780 90HP

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    Dual aluminum trailer alone is probably worth that much already.
    I suspect the limp mode is caused by original ignition kit, not fuel float.

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    Offer Accepted, you all can expect a bunch of SLTX questions in the near future. The 1050 is all new to me.

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    Oh yeah!

    You're gonna love the extra horses...but now you gotta deal with red engines!

    Be sure to find and buy spare parts for the hard to replace parts...they are not as easy to find as parts for the fuji engines.

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