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Thread: Display ????

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    Display ????

    My wife's 06 RXP just started flashing the 12volt low indicator. Looks like it needs a new battery, but my question is for some reason the display has changed as well. Now in the bottom left it has a symbol for a depth finder with dashes and my trim display is gone. Does this all have to do with it having low voltage or how do i change the display back?

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    I got a friend with the same problem when he switched to a newer battery so anxious to hear some input from other members
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    Hey my name is Blake iam mikes friend with the same problem on the rxp what have you found out?

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    No, I guess its just me and you that have had this problem. Have you tried to contact the dealer yet to see if they have any insite? I know once my brother took his in to get another key made and somehow they switched it over to KM rather than mph. So maybe they have to go in and be reset.

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    Yes i do all my own work on my rxp with friends. But i do have a dealer that does code re sets for me at no charge. I was going to stop by today and talk to my guy at the shope! I will let you know what I find out.

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    To get your display to read correctly you will need to take it to a dealer and have them fix it with buds. Some units just forget what they are if that makes any sense. I have seen this a few times and read about it many other times. I think a voltage spike or drop causes it but it ussually is a one time thing. Make sure your battery is good before the re-program, have the dealer load test it.

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    Fixed take it to the shope and have a computer re set it worked for me.

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