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    Oil pressure sensor (high pressure -- two wire, not one) wrench size?

    Anyone know this offhand? It's under the oil filter so it's near impossible to look at w/out a mirror. I've tried an 18mm socket, 19,20,21mm box-ends, thinking about buying a 22 and trying that, but figured I'd see if anyone here knows?

    There is also the single-wire low pressure switch, which is easier to access. Not that guy, it's the two wire under the filter (arx1200t2/r12x)

    Apparently this sensor can foul? So I'm hoping maybe cleaning instead of replacing might fix a code I'm throwing.. But this one is a real bitch to get to.

    Also, anyone know if there's a torque rec for the oil-filter? I know that sounds goofy, but I read this is a thing on some newish motors.


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