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    oil pump blockoff should I??? I need help

    if you read my other post aboout my 650xp then you know I'm at a dillemma....
    I was thinking of doing the oil pump blockoff mod to it but there are a few things I need some input on..

    1st and most important should it be done this ski is a 1993 and never been worked on till now ( I had to pull the rotary valve cover off to get to the pump lines) till now it had 150 psi on both cyllanders...I havn't checked them yet since the oil line broke.

    2nd I have 2- 2stroke skis both doos the other is a 97gtx should I consider doing the same to it?? that way both will use premix instead of premixing one and not the other.

    3rd what ratio do I have to use on them if I do go this way?

    and what about the other oil lines on the tank? the ones that go to the lower crankcase?

    have an opinion on doing this mod be it good or bad please chime in I'm still a noob so dont flame me to
    I did do some searching on this subject and didn't find really info I needed...

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    If the engine is stock leave the oil pump intact. I would consider replacing the oil pump on the 93 and the 97 though...depending on how many hours they have on them. The large oil lines going to the crankcase do not split or harden that I've experienced, if yours is, then most definitely replace them. The pump lines need replacing on the 97 too. If you do go premix then 40:1 is a good ratio for stock with stock oils.

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    the hours on the xp are unknown it has at least 2 other owners that I know of. I looked it over and everything else looks good.
    the gtx has @112 hours on it but the emgine only has @10 hours on a rebuild.( the guy who did the rebuild is pretty reliable) so there shouldn't be any problems there.
    I'm not going to be able to mess with them till probably sunday to look the gtx oil lines over.
    I'm thinking of staying with the factory injection since it's easier and this way I wont have to explain to the wife about mixing the oil and gas.....
    but later if I do mod the xp I might go the other way.

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