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    2012 Waverunner FX HO only runs 51mph GPS

    I just picked up a 2012 FX HO with 34 hours on it. I've read that it is supposed to run 63-65mph.

    We had it out for the first time yesterday and neither my wife (135lbs) nor I (185lbs) could get it over 54mph (speedo). It was a nice calm day so weather wasn't a factor. RPM's were hitting 7800 or so.

    I check plugs and they seemed good but I'm not a mechanic. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any and all help.
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    It's not supercharged, but that seems pretty slow.
    Boat Test chart shows it topping out about 62-63 mph

    How are you gauging your speed, on GPS?

    As a test, you might try removing the air filter and replacing with a performance air filter from Jerry's online store. You can try a test run on the water without the air filter and see what happens to your speed.

    You should also check and make sure someone didn't OVERFILL the oil. Check your oil at normal operating temp with ski sitting perfectly level in knee-deep water. We had a pair of FX and the air filter was always getting clogged up with oil and speed would go down to 53-54 mph until we finally replaced those restrictive factory air filters. Those would be the first things I would do.

    Hope this helps, welcome to GH.

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    Mine runs 61-62 with a Jim's plate. The sho runs 64

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    Just remove the air filter...if you are getting dirt and debris in the hull... you have bigger problems

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    Trim was not full down was it? Just asking

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    You should get roughly 60~62 on GPS for a healthy FX HO. Your speedo wheel could be obstructed or damaged (assuming you are reading your speedo). 7800 RPMs pretty high revs for that model. I think the typical revs is in the 7500~7400 range for a stock motor, so I don't think you have a motor problem. Look for a dinged up impeller and/or seal in your pump. You may be getting some over rev because the pump is leaking pressure.

    I have a 2015 FX Cruiser HO that is mostly stock and it turns around 7400~7500 RPMs. I get 62~64 depending on conditions (66~67 on the speedo)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SplishSplash View Post
    Trim was not full down was it? Just asking
    No, it was in N position.

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    Damage to prop or liner is my guess!

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    I would love 54 mpg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisken View Post
    I would love 54 mpg.
    Ha! I didn't even notice til your post.

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