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    RXP Hull lean when pushing up on plain

    My 06 RXP has a Stage 2 with Pro Block Offs.
    This is a strange one and hard to describe.
    I have noticed that when climbing up on plain slowly in the calm, the ski leans to the left momentarily then levels out at about 20 MPH.
    The RXP is a beast in every way is this the nature of this beast?

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    yea like a little kick I have that too, came after the intake grate and sponsons so must be something to do with them...only when you go slow though so i didnt worry about it

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    I know how to fix that!!!!

    Just don't drive slow!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have the same thing on my GTX. when throttling slowly up on plane, the back end sort of fish-tales a bit then straightens out ...PR...

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    is it the torque?

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    I believe it's the fact that the water isn't entering the intake grate in a uniform fashion. It leans to the side that's getting more water.

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