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    Kawasaki Ultra 260 SX high speed issue

    I just bought a pair of skis, and it appears that the superchargers on both skis may be struggling a bit. Basically, they will run up in to the mid 50's, then they surge back and forth. The gauge does not show the bars getting consistently in to the boost range. Outside of this, ski's run great. These are new to me and both have about 88 hours. I have ordered a set of plugs, and we ran most of the fuel out of them today, and I refilled with ethanol free gas. Any ideas on what the issue may be? Should I try the new plugs and new gas and see if that clears it up? I sit possible that the supercharger belt is slipping on both ski's? From what I have read online, these skis should be able to reach mid - 60's, si that correct? Hoping I don't have a major problem. Outside of this high speed issue, they both run great.

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    I should add, these skis have sat quite a bit, so these may be issues from sitting and not running much

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    First off you should never run a ski with old gas, if its even slightly old 5 to 6 months dump it They require premium. Being a boosted Ski I just went thru the three main problems with the same model low hours 39 , First off ,clean the intercoolers they will be gunked up, second check amount of fuel flow 5.9 oz for 3 second ( the small filter on top of fuel pump inside tank plugs up if old gas is run thru it, third compression and spark plugs ( you did plugs). When they say 5.9 oz. fuel for the 3 second on when you power up ski they mean 5.9 oz.fuel. Get measuring cup and disconnect hose at injector rail, put key in fuel pump will come on for 3 sec, do this 3 times then divide by 3 to get accurate volume.also check pressure should be 43 psi at W.O.T.hope this helps Oh and #4 if its not the above ,,belt could be loose.

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    Anyone know the spark plug gap? Not sure if these autolite plugs come pre-gapped or not

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