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Thread: Pump help FZSHO

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    Pump help FZSHO

    I'm looking for some advice, I have ski with the following 09 FZS-R&D Grate & pump seal kit, MoTec ECU, R&D Intake Manifold Upgrade, R Rated Exhaust, riva valve train upgrade, JD1 Cold Air Intake, R&D Engine/Intercooler Cooling Kit w/JD upgrades, Jims VX modded plate, ET 18lb wheel, JD Intercooler, R&D Fuel Pressure Regulator(set at 58 psi static), Solas 15/22r(repitched to 15/25) 83.5 ring, Riva Waterbox, JD Sponsons, 1000cc injectors, 3 Bar Map Sensor, Seadoo pump, Reduction Nozzle, water cooled supercharger housing, adjustable cam gears, lucky 13.

    Current performance 8750 rpm @ 86.7 mph

    I'm wanting to upgrade to a more efficient pump and cannot decide to remove the sea doo pump conversion and go back to a yamaha with 160 riva set up which would be more expensive or upgrade to the sea doo set up to riva or solas 14 vein which I already have the lucky 13 and 3 props and the riva ring exit nozzle.

    So what direction would you go?

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    Sweet build! How do you like the Motec for launch and rev limiting? Maybe this can be of help, same wheel as yours and Gus was trying out different pump sets.

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