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    Has anyone seen this.......Testing the Spark Hull

    I ran across this video on was posted by Perry Performance Group in South Florida...very cool...

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    If it's real it's good to know that it will take a beating. But... It doesn't show what actually happened to it. There could have been cracks everywhere and the sledge just didn't go thru

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    No close up of the area of damage LOL

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    Yeah....I'd liked to seen a closeup up of the hitting myself....wonder if there is cracks spreading out like a spider web from those impacts...but still cool to watch.

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    He seem to be hitting about the same spot all the time so if there were any larger cracks I would imagine the sound to be different in the later blows as well as one would think it should went through the hull at some stage.

    Regardless, the hull can obviously take a beating but many have cracked so they are not indestructable in any way.

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    I still worry about the hull every time I miss time a jump or come down on second wave and hear a "BAM".

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