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    Fzr big problem help me

    Hi guys, I have a big problem on an fzr sho. After installing C5 Supercharger , intercooler plus cooling , air filter, Tial ,retainers kit, pump 160 , ECU R4 ,and and pressure regulator but, my ski has serious problems. With ecu R & D my idle continues to be inregolare 1330/1100, my afr 11, if I accelerate fast my motor hole. With the stock ecu I have the same problem but if I disconnect the map sensor on my engine gets a tiger, my idle is perfect and the motor does not pit anymore, but I can't test it in water because it would be too thin. I connected the diagnosis but does not detect any problems. you have something to suggest? Thank you

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    What ecu? Please clarify your mods as i cant understand

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    Get Deans Team C5 tune. You'll faster and smoother.

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    That surging idle with both ecus that goes away only when you unhook the Map sounds more like a leak.Pressure test the motor and try to only make one change at a time when diagnosing

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    Hello, i write ECU tipe, R4 . Sorry for my english.

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    [Quote = FXSlowKroozer; 2784392] Questo aumento di inattività sia con ECU che va via solo quando si sganciare la mappa suona più come un test leak.Pressure il motore e cercare di fare solo un cambiamento nel momento in cui la diagnosi [/ quote] thanks for answere, but my question is: Why with stock ecu with air pressure disconnect engine is perfect? And with stock ECU and sensor connect engine running bad?.

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    Check your vacuum lines. The one to the MAP sensor and the ones to the fuel pressure regulator (if it has one) and blow off valve.

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