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    Looking for a new FAST 3 seater

    I'm in the market for a new rec boat, my current '06 RXP still runs 82+ after 300 hours of thrashing but I know its time is limited and I also wasn't to move to a 3 seater. I also have an '06 FX HO that's the family cruiser that I've been satisfied with for towing the kids and making beer runs to the marina. I had the chance to ride my neighbors 3 seat Sea Doo with iS and while not a real thrilling ride it was easy to ride at WOT for and esxtended period, around 67 on my GPS. I've also ridden my friends stage 3 FX SHO that will run in the hi 70's but it's definitely not as smooth on the water as my Sea Doo, in fact after running hard for 5-10 miles I'm exhausted. My question is are the newer generation SVHO units any more forgiving/smoother riding on the water than my friends and realistically what's it going to take to be able to run 80+ on one of these beasts?

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    what year was your friends FX-SHO? running 80 on the SVHO's is pretty easy! a reflash, ribbon delete, intake, prop, and jim's plate and you will run close to 80's

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    I have an 08 fx sho, a friend has a 15 svho, the SVHO is easier to ride wot for sure not ridden a seadoo is model to compare though, what sort of water do you ride in? Glass you can hold anything WOT heavy chop or decent swells if you can hold wot then You should be racing!

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    I also have a 2008 FX SHO. It will run high 70's all day long in a smooth lake, but it will beat you up in the ocean. I wanted a 2nd ski and I debated whether or not to buy an SVHO since I have had such good luck with the FX SHO. My brother in law has a SeaDoo 2012 RXT-X. I rode it in the ocean and it was considerably easier to ride in the ocean.
    Earlier this year, I bought a 2016 RXT-X 300 and I have been very happy. I have not modded it yet but a SCOM will put it in the mid 70's. I love my FX SHO because the power is instant and it is simple. The SeaDoo has lots of electronics. Although the IBR is really cool, it scares me to think about the expense to fix it after the extended warranty runs out.
    The other reason I did not go with the SVHO was the timing chain issue, but it looks like they fixed that. Good luck.

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    My friend Rob Hoffman from Loose Bolts Performance who bought my 2014 FX SVHO is selling it because he bought a boat. It is an awesome ski and well worth the money!! Check it out!
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    Nice ski, I'm in Ohio but will be going to see a friend in Stuart next month. If it's still around I'll look him up.

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