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Thread: Missing Speed?

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    Missing Speed?

    I have installed a s3 with rear intake,modded waterbox,thru-hull exhaust,42 lbs injectors, pir ic,water strainer, catch can,pump wedge,15/19r, noopas, an intake grate. Rpms.8050 Elev. 2550. Air temp 79, humidty 30%. Slight chop ran 72.1. Does this sound right? I developed a leak at the carbon seal, how much speed would the ring scrub off if I was leaking to the inside of the boat? Any ideas on where I am no tuned right? I think I should be around 74 or 75 with my mods. Any comments would help.thanks

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    correction......s3 superchager

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    My RXP will run almost 72 with a reverse bucket trim and ride plate mods, which is nothing major. I am 98% sure you should be getting around 75, but the chop might have caused the decrease. Just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spawn5150 View Post
    correction......s3 superchager
    i have the same mods as you / do you have a riva/ RR racing ECU?? i was on the lake yesterday and saw 8600 at 3/4 throttle at 76mph and all over the rev limiter . I Have the same 15/19r not touched and no rings in the pump. PM JERRY he will tell ya.Good luck

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    he's also at 2500 ft. elevation which accounts for a 2-3 mph loss compared to sea level. Regardless I'd expect to be around 75-76.

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    stock ecu...slight chop, but still enough to be hooked up.

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