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    2003 Polaris MSX 140 For Sale

    I have 2003 Polaris MSX 140 for sale. I have had issues with it. The ski only has 44 hours on it. I had a new flywheel and stator put in about a month ago. It would start fine all week. I put it in the lake and it started fine, then it shut off after about 5 minutes. I checked everything I could. The ski has great compression. 120psi across all clylinders. The CPS and TPS seem fine. I had the EMM repaired and updated by DFI Technologies last week. That ran me $640.00. I still have no spark when cranking. The display does not wake up when turning the engine over. The ski is in great shape otherwise. I can post pictures tomorrow. I recently fixed my yamaha jetski and have lost the will to work on this one. Trailer is in great shape. All lights work. Ski is full of gas and has new plugs. I believe it is a stator issue. Should be a quick fix for someone on here. I would like $3000 for the ski, simply because it is in great shape overall. A stator only costs about $150.00. With only 44 hours on this ski, it should sell fairly quick. If anyone is interested please reply, I will be putting this on craiglist next week.


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    where are u located?

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    I am located in North Carolina in the Raleigh / Durham area.

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    You're asking $3k for a non running 140? $3000?

    Do you realize that these, in running condition, in the NC/VA/MD states fetch around $2500 running and water ready?

    I'm really not trying to be an asshole, and I'm thinking you probably didn't do the research, but thought I'd point it out.

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    Sold it for $2900 today. Guy had a extra stator for it.


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