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    Thrust Vector issues and warning

    So I own a Scarab 195 jetboat with the rotax supercharged engine. There are now several companies using this engine package to power their crafts.

    I ran into these "fins" that promise to aid the boat in tracking and steering. But, they come in contact with the reverse bucket, and can get lodged into the steering, and hinder going into reverse in an emergency. Am I the only one that sees the issue here? Nothing should EVER come in contact with the reverse grate or hinder steering. You can clearly see by the rubbing, its happening.

    Here is the thread that was started by an owner that had damage..

    And now here is the new "improved" product...
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    What does everyone think? Its clear as day that these if they fail, will hurt someone.

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    the workmanship is just so poor I'd run away from that product, patent or not, OPAS looks like it would do a better job.

    that was some sloppy welding, I can do better drunk, blindfolded and with a cigarette lighter and some acid core solder.

    There was a product like that for skis back in the day..a nozzle with a fin on it.

    There is relatively little "rudder area" given the size of your average jetboat.

    failing is only going to hurt the pocketbook. they will get torn off ( and if the owner is luckly, not take out the nozzle) first time it passes over an underwater obstruction not quite high enough to hit the bottom of the boat, but that thing will tear off with barely any notice from the pilot.

    a real fail..if I ever saw one.

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    I have a challenger 230 and was going to try out the Cobra Jet steering.

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    been usinf cobra jet steering for over 5 years, it does help steering. no issues whatesoever with hard riding, 360 on full throthle etc. do recomend them. whish i could try thrust vectors to compare

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    My Wake230 has Cobra jets and they are amazing. I have had 3 jet boats Exciter 270, LS2000 and now this Wake and the cobra jet steering is a must IMO. Makes slow water maneuvers easy and man it turns tights.

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