I have a 2004 I believe is when I bought it GP800R. It sits on a lake in Oklahoma and have been run about 100hrs. It's housed outdoors on a jet dock year round. It's always winterized and de-winterized around April. This year the ski is leaking oil (a lot of oil) into the hull. Am I to assume I have a cracked line or tank? If the oil injector were bad would it leak oil? My logical guess is the line from the fill to the tank is leaking because the tank itself is empty. But, sitting outside in the winter months sometimes negative temps leads me to believe the plastic on the tank may have cracked...

If the oil injector is bad would I be better off removing it, blocking it off, and premixing gas. I own a couple two stroke motorcycles which have oil injectors on them, the injectors are notorious for failing and one of them I've removed completely and premix gas. The other is still working 28 years later.

I'd like to get a better idea of what the best plan of action would be because the ski is about an hour away from my home. We don't have a trailer for these so, where they sit is where I have to work on them.

Thank you for any assistance.