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Thread: slt750 handling

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    slt750 handling

    Hey everybody. As you may or may not know I have a 95 SLT 750 that I am currently working on getting running. Well it runs but not well. Anyway thats a different story. What I am wondering is what do people do to get these to handle better? From what little I have ridden this thing I know that it doesnt stick to the water very well. Its stable, I dont have a problem with porpising, but try to take a turn and all it does is wash out. This boat doesnt have sponsons. Would I be correct in assuming this would cause it to hook up better in the turns? Just wondering what people do to get these boats to handle better!

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    Sponsons would help alot, but if it didn't come with them you need to find some special hardware for mounting them. (Not to say it can't be done) There is an article for doing it in the tech section, just search for it. The next best improvement in handling (at least in 2 seaters) is the Ocean Pro ride plate. Followed up with a R&D aquavein intake grate. You could also look for a pump wedge, however I think that is more for a porpoising problem on 2 seaters.

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    Fishman, I'd certainly add the sponsons if you want to do some playing as opposed to just running a straight line.
    The OP will help with straight line tracking and of course some on the turns as well.
    The R&D intake grate would probably be overkill for the 750 unless you're doing a lot of rough water riding and need to keep the pump stuffed. Otherwise it will slow the craft down.
    Now coupled with a 4 or 6 degree wedge the R&D would probably work out just fine.
    I guess you really need to decide what you're looking for, all play or a little mix of both (play and speed).

    I think I would try the sponsons first.

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    Thanks guys! Not looking for huge changes really, think I'll try some stock style sponsons.

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