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    1998 STX 1100 - Exactly how does the cooling work on these motors? How far to dig?

    So now that steve helped me out on looking to the fuel side of my top end speed and was spot on. The learning curve goes on and would like to know how does the cooling work on these 3 cylinder motors? someone said there were two pick up lines for cooling I only know the one coming off the jet pump.

    As things go when the ski started working correctly yesterday and buddy got on and took it for a spin. He was having a blast but then started walking it up the shallow part of sand bar about knee deep and he said the temp light came on and steam was coming out the water port on the side of ski. Well I fired it up and sure enough no water out side port (didn't see steam I just shut ski off), shut it down and pulled siphon lines off top of jet pump. There was a pretty good size pebble in there, how it got there I cant tell you because I thought this was just for bilge operations on each side of bilge in the rear of the ski.

    Now here is what confuses me, is the tube on the side of jet pump the only pump line to cool engine? Can that cooling pump get clogged or can it just quit working and need a rebuild like my boat motor where it needs a new impeller?

    Because as it goes the weather here in florida just happens and quick thunder storm popped up so we just idled back towards the launch with the ski in tow until the weather got a tad bit rough. A friend onboard just said he'll see if he can limp the ski back to launch so we could get some speed up in boat to get youngsters out of weather and the damn thing worked as advertised for the 4 miles back to ramp. Storm did pass and everyone left so I run ski to see for myself sure enough 55/6 mph up a few miles and back not a hick up. Even pulled a kid on his wake board to see if a load would make it overheat again ..... still no overheating. So today after work I did some things that I read to check for and I pulled pump line and line to exhaust manifold, blew air through lines while looking for any debris and no dirt, rocks wood chips.....nothing at all. I then pulled the lines to the water temp / output sensor and blew them out, nothing. Put the lines all back on and run it with the water hose and fired it up and good pressure out vent as normal.

    Is there anything else I need to check? How far does one go like pulling exhaust manifolds off and checking? Not sure if just towing it might have pushed water through pump kicking out what might have been in the pump out? I've got a spare jet pump and looked at it and blew air into it and same side port as I did on the one that is installed on ski now with same outcome.

    Don't want to burn the motor up because of something I either should have known to look for or a less costly piece that needs to be replaced to keep things cooling as advertised that's all.

    As always thank in advance for any info.

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    Well after little more reading (STEVE) I see a strainer in my NEAR future.

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    Strainers are a good idea. I like the Groco. I've seen 1100 pumps with one cooling outlet and two outlets.

    Did you get the ZXi service manual? Our file sharing site didn't show that you logged in to download it.

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    The dual outlet pumps started with the STX-R and continued into the 12F/15F.

    Sounds like you covered everything during your exploratory surgery. Try to keep it out of the shallows
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