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    Just want to thank everyone,this site saved my weekend

    So started the holiday weekend at lake Havasu. Was planning to stay until today. On Saturday the wife's Polaris Genesis went kapoot! Going along fine then off. Dang nab it! Think,think! We were many miles from the marina. I tried pulling it, what a disaster! Slow is horrible when the sun is melting you.
    anyways I pulled it to the shoreline. Like any fool I opened the seat and prayed to find a plug disconnected. To no avail. I left the seat off for about 30 minutes then tried it out of a hope, a prayer, whatever. It fired right up! Yee haw! We're making swells to get back to the Marina. 10 minutes later poof. Out it goes again. Ahh hell is all I could think, with a few f bombs under my breath of course! A long time later we made it back. On the trailer I took the cooling lines off the computer. Blew them, no clogs. Ok. Let's check compression. All came back at 120. Ok. Hmmmm. And this is where you all saved my bacon. I wonder, just wonder if the crank position sensor is bad?
    Well, my buddy had a Fichte motor he wasn't using in one of his skis. So I took his off and whammo. The ski ran all weekend without another issue.
    with that said, without this site I would have never known to know these go bad and will cause the motor to go from running great to complete shutdown. And as they cool off they will work intermittently. So thanks everyone for your tech advice and help in the forums. You saved my weekend, we had a great trip.
    with that said, any ideas where I can get another one? Is there anything still being made I can cross reference?
    thanks again for the site and all those who offer up their knowledge. Can't remember when I read about this but somehow I recalled the post and it saved my bacon this weekend.

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    Glad to hear you solved the problem and enjoyed your time on the water.

    You can tow these machines on plane, if you know which hose to clamp off beforehand. On each of my own machines I have a 'tow valve' installed and clearly labeled. Close the valve, hook up a really long tow rope (50 feet or 75 feet tow rope seems to work well) and then you can tow it as far and as fast as necessary.

    Not that I carry them with me on the water, but having a few spare parts on hand back at the garage or with the marine tool kit can be very useful with a Polaris Ficht engine.

    (some other bits I am forgetting about)...

    Knowing how to bypass the LR start/stop module can also get you going.

    BTW, always have a spare lanyard tucked into the storage bit, perhaps hidden in with the fire extinguisher. The Kawasaki lanyards also work well on Polaris.

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