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    Spark plug gap closed.

    A few weeks ago while on vacation my daughter brings the ski back from a high speed ride and it was running on only 2 cylinders. When i pulled the plugs the Mag plug gap had been smacked closed, bent over. I cranked engine with no plugs and compression was good but I pulled out the gauge anyway and confirmed 105 across the board. I had new plugs so i just replaced the damged one with new and reinstalled the other two. I marked the plugs with a sharpie to make sure the were all facing same direction. Engine has started and run fine ever since. I have not run it wide open for any extended amount of time but it gets up to 55-57 mph with no problem. I had run 59-60 with no problems and even would touch 62 if let go long enough. I can't explain what happen and only other time something like this happen was when the engine melted down and pistion debree was floating around in chamber and crushed the plug closed. However that issue resulted in much differant outcome. Outside of a major failure what else may have caused this plug gap to close?

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    Judging by your photo you have a XL 1200, is this the ski we are talking about here? if so, it may be that a piece of power valve came off and got slammed before going out the exhaust. Pull the power valve on that cylinder and see. It is also possible for a piece of piston above the ring came off and got slammed too. with the ring intact you will still have the same compression. if the power valve is good, pull head and look at piston tops.

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