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    Question: Midshaft bearing housing (can you over grease the area?)

    I have always been very tentative on squeezing grease into the zirk because I'm afraid I may over load the housing and blow something out. Can u overload it or will the rubber fill hose just pop off first before other stuff over pressurizes?

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    The grease is mainly for sealing the water out not lubrication of the bearings. Yes you can overfill and blow the seal out. 1-3 pumps/year. Pump slow! Thats about it!

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    Thank you very much! On a Waverunner that has not been lubricated in many years or hours of use... The tube is completely dry and void of Grease... I usually fill up the tube until grease is coming out of the end and then connect to the mid shaft bearing housing nipple. How many pumps should be sufficient to seal the area you're speaking of? My grease gun puts out 1 inch per pump

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    if the 2 little o rings are still good, you will feel some resistance when you pump the grease as it gets full.

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    Cool. Thanks

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