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    GP1300r needs a rebuild, but I need a GP1800...and help!

    So with the recent news of the impending GP1800 release, I've already relegated myself to purchasing one in the upcoming year.

    Apparently my GP1300r must have sensed something and became envious, because this weekend the rear cylinder acted up (now only at 90psi on a compression check).

    I'm a little worried about the cause, because the spark plug looks like it was struck by the piston. I haven't pulled the head yet, and this would be my first engine rebuild ever (My previous Waveraider 760 went over 1100 hours without a rebuild). The GP1300r only has about 120 hours on it, so I would hope that it's just the top end and maybe the plug was hit by an errant chunk of dislodged piston? This of course happens right after I let someone ride it who got it stuck in some seaweed and tried to gas it out of the mess as I came frantically screaming on my VXR for them to shut it off. Now I'm worried if gassing it through that mess could have caused the problem or caused bottom-end damage (I'm sure it didn't help). Once I pulled it out of the seaweed and cleaned out the intake grate it ran fine for about another 3 hours...and when the cylinder did go bad, the engine didn't even stall, or sound different....nothing..I just couldn't get it to rev up past 4500rpm under load. Took it back to the dock, ran compression, and started crying (Yes, wear ring and impeller are OK). Can rev up and sounds normal when not under load. No ticking or rattling sounds...was doing a full 71mph on the dreamo a few moments before this happened, so no decline in performance prior to.

    So my question is which is better? Selling the GP1300r in its current state without fixing it, or rebuilding the motor and then posting it for sale?

    I just bought it last year for $3,000, but I have no idea what one with a damaged motor is worth.

    Compression is 128, 128, 96. It has a D-Plate and Wave Eater Clips. Otherwise, it's all stock.

    Any help with ideas on how to best mitigate my loss are appreciated! And if anyone can lend input as to the likelihood of bottom end damage, that would also be appreciated. Since it kept running and still sound fine, I'm hoping none....

    Also, any good write-ups on rebuilding one of these motors? I perused the forum, but I'm not so hot at finding stuff when I search.

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    Blew my xlt up same scenario I think. Got it stuck in seaweed, limped back to dock, ran for an hour or 2 after that, then seized the rear cylinder.

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