I towed both Seadoos from Seattle to Flathead Lake for the last week of summer vacation. We rode once on the way there, on the Spokane river off of Lake Coeur d'Alene, then again when we got to Flathead Lake. I'm pulling my daughter on a wakeboard and my son is driving the other one, when he's dead in the water. I head over to see what's up. Motor starts, but no thrust, and a loud squealing noise. I tow him to the ramp, and roll it on the side to clear out the impellor, but there's nothing in it. Crap. I start to ride to the condo to get the trailer, and my ski dies, same symptom. WTF?

I get towed in too, and pull the ski's. Can't see anything wrong, so I take them to the local dealer, who kindly makes the time to check them out even tho they have a two week backlog of work. http://www.jescoboatingcenter.com/ They give me the bad news - both driveshafts stripped the spines. They can't fix on short notice, so I'm without the skis for the rest of the week.

Now I'm home, what to do? I do most car and motorcycle maintenance and have plenty of tools. How much time does it take to do this myself? I'll obviously be replacing it with the 2011+ shaft, what parts do I need and how much are they?

If I take it to a dealer to repair, my two local dealers are Lynnwood Motoplex and Ride in Woodinville. Any recommendations or warning about the service from either of them? How much should I expect it to cost?

Finally, the impellor obviously needs to be replaced, and I'm doing the wear ring while I'm in there. Ski's are stock, and if I mod them at all it will mild, maybe just remove the limiter and enable the sport mode to stay on. Am I best off staying with stock impellor, or is a aftermarket worth it? Which one?

(edit - these are 2010 RXT-X 260s)

Thanks - SkipX