Hey everyone,

Thanks for everyone who responded and helped look into my non spark issue with my ski. However, i supplied voltages to my coils through wire splicing and the ski started right up. It seems a bunch of my magneto is grounded to the engine in places i cant see where its not supposed to be. I took the flywheel housing off (after lifting the engine) and the inside was covered in rust flying around everywhere. It was also sealed up with a liquid gasket that didn't look brilliant. The unit tests good on all OHM readings from coil to coil, but my pulser/exciter and the common wire between the two are all grounded to the engine (on my working ski none of these test positive for an engine ground i suspect a wire inside the mag went bad). I am currently taking it all apart and cleaning/refinishing the area where the magneto goes but i am looking for a replacement as i think all the rust flying around has mortally wounded my poor magneto.

Thanks for all the help!