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    08 GTX Speedometer not working

    I am having issues with the speedometer of an 08 GTX that I repaired. When I put the DESS key in the post I get two beeps and the gauges restart. Once the motor is started the tach works as normal although we get nothing out of the speedometer - which stays dead even while moving. Since the gauges do start correctly, I am thinking that it is the speed sensor in the ride plate - although could be wrong. Any ideas or suggestions are apprecioated.

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    let me ask another variety of this question... is there a simple way to test the speedometer sensor/wheel on the ride plate??

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    Yes, there is. Go to NAPA, and buy what is called a Weatherpak terminal tool.

    Looks like this, 10 bux:

    If you are lazy like me, and have Amazon Prime, you can get it online cheaper:

    Pop the terminals out of both sides of the Purple/Yellow wire and the Black wire terminals, then plug them together. Put the key on the DESS post, then put your meter probes between the two wires. Then slowly rotate the paddle wheel. You should see the voltage at those two wires fluctuate between roughly 10 volts and 4 volts or so. If you have no voltage, there is something wrong either with the wires up to the ECU or the ECU itself. (The speedometer function may not be turned on in the ECU....or ECU bad). If the voltage stays up at 10 volts or more as you rotate the paddle wheel, the paddle wheel sensor is bad. If you see the fluctuation as described above, then the cluster may be bad. (but the paddle wheel is working as it should...)

    If the paddle wheel is bad, forget about getting a new one, buy the Candoopro GPS module as it is much better than the stock paddle wheel:

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