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    2000 polaris pro 1200 cavitation like problem

    hello I have a 2000 Polaris pro 1200 that I am having some issues with
    carbs have been fully rebuilt and all components seem to be in spec

    the ski runs great at wot but seems very very slow out of the hole
    it revs strong and pushes a lot water out the back but just doesn't jump out of the hole like it should
    and seems to lose excessive momentum while cornering

    after looking through the jet pump toward the impeller I noticed quite a large gap between the impeller and pump housing(1/16 or 1/8 inch)

    so I'm just curious as to whether I need to replace the impeller or the wear ring

    if you have any ideals please lmk
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    Quote Originally Posted by Msx150 Guy View Post
    Most likely it's the impeller. The wear ring has a stainless steel liner that rarely needs to be replaced unless it suffers physical damage from a failed jet pump or something of the sort. You can send your impeller out to impros and for a hundred bucks or so they will restore it to new condition. When you get your new impeller then measure wear ring clearance. If it is out of spec then the wear ring may need replacement
    I can not imagine the impeller wearing like that it doesn't look like any debris has passed through the pump assembly causing any damage

    do the outer edges of the impeller just wear down over time slowly creating more and more clearance between the impeller and pump housing

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