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    Need opinions on my first ski

    Rode a 60hp spark early this summer (first time riding) and now have to have one. i wasn't blown away by the speed/power so I need something more.
    All riding will be in the open ocean in alaska, mostly in bays and on nice days, hopefully not to much rough weather.

    As this season is over im looking at the 2017 models in 230hp(premium gas is hard to come by, so im afraid the 300 is out of the question) theres a 215 and 260 here so i would like to be able to keep up

    Wake pro 230 is at the top of the list, but are the features worth the extra cost

    The other two im looking at are the GTR and GR-x 230s, mainly for cost.

    the spark trixx is another option (mainly cause of price) but i plan on riding passengers often and also towing as much as possible.

    razer sharp handling isn't as important as a playful ride and highest top speed.

    thanks in advance guys, next summer cant come soon enough!

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    Sparks are fun but you want a full size ski if you're not in a bay or lake. I had to sparks and loved them but now that I have a GTI and RXT I wouldn't go back. The GTR is a great machine I think you should lean towards that.

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    Get a gtr if towing and passenger riding is your thing, the 215's can run on crap gas and still hit top speed, ran 87 in my 06 rxp for almost an entire summer, it ran great

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    I though all FI engines need high octane....

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    appreciate the input guys. glad i asked about the spark as well, i can now put that thought behind me. gonna be checking out the new gtr a bit more, the wake pro colors are still calling my name though! thanks again.

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    Whereabouts in Alaska are you?

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    Here is a good read on gas. Note the effect of premium on high performance vehicles second page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyMac View Post
    Whereabouts in Alaska are you?
    Kodiak Island is where all the riding will be.
    who do you recommend akmds or team cc as far as dealers go?

    still trying to decide if i "need" the ergolock seat on the gtrx and wake pro

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    If you want top speed and stable, good fuel economy, and run on crap gas, look at the Yam FX HO. Or, consider a Kawasaki Ultra LX. Very affordable, very stable, LOTS of storage and will still go over 50.

    Yea, yea, yea, I know this is a Seadoo forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by connorrxp View Post
    Get a gtr if towing and passenger riding is your thing, the 215's can run on crap gas and still hit top speed, ran 87 in my 06 rxp for almost an entire summer, it ran great
    The 215's require Premium gas. this is for engine protection

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