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    1995 Sea Doo Bombardier SPX Newbie questions ?

    Hello All, Just joined this forum in hopes of learning about my new Sea Doo purchase. A good friend owned it and sold it to me along with a double PWC trailer. He said it was performing great when parked under his shed 4 years ago. It appears to be in very good condition with no leaks or major dirt aside from the coat on the exterior. I have not attempted to start it, as I need to know the best process for preparing the engine pistons etc. I appears to have about a gallon of on fuel and I plan on removing that and adding fresh fuel. The oil sump is about half full. First Question:

    There is a flush kit 'T' already in the water intake hose. Do I need to purchase a flush hose with the fitting, or can I just use som 3/8 ID hose slipped over the tee and attache with zip ties with a water hose fitting?

    Second Question: What year did the anti-theft circuit come into the Sea Doo LIne? During the exterior cleanup, I used a brush and when I swept over the kill switch, the install cover and nut came off because of UV degradation. The push button switch receded into interior. The switch is more than 120.00. Is an OEM switch required because there is some anti-theft circuit involved, or can I replace it with a universal dead man type lanyard switch. I found one at the autoparts store for 13.00.

    Third Question: What marine oil do you suggest I use in the injection system?

    Thanks for taking my question.
    Prof )

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    If it's been setting for 4 years, there are a few things you need to do. First, remove the spark plugs, and the grey drive shaft cover. Now make sure you can turn the engine over by hand. If not you need to find out why, and go from there. Next, you need to go thru the "WHOLE" fuel system. See this thread;
    After that, I would drain and flush out the oil tank and lines. If all goes good, you should then be ready to fire it up.
    I am pretty sure the security system (DESS), did not show up until '96.
    The last thing you need to do, is read all you can on this forum, always ask questions if you are not sure. Tons of info out there.

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