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    Angry Sea Doo key not working...

    2011 RXPX 260 RS

    I can only get one beep from my normal yellow key & can't start my engine. I can only get the required two beeps from the learner key to start the engine.

    Does anyone have any reason why this could be happening?
    Will this be as simple as buying a new key from my local dealer?


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    Key could be worn or not making good contact, I usually have to put key on and twist it some while pushing on it to get a good connection. when new never had many problems

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    There's two components to a DESS key that that work through the post to allow function of the ECU, there's a small magnet in the lanyard along with a Dallas Semiconductor 2401 series chip with a unique string of code in it that's programmed into the ECU enabling it to unlock the security when the ecu calls out for the code.

    Your magnet in the key and dess post are working as they should, the ecu is receiving back the grounds it needs from the reed switch in the post to power up and look for the security code in the key and it's not seeing it hence the single beep.

    Make sure both ground contact strips in the side wall of the key are making contact with the ring on the post and your pushing down firmly enough so the strip in the top of the lanyard is making contact with the metal dot on the top of the post.

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