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    Waverunner iii 650

    So..... me and the old man were talking and have decided to resurrect his old Waverunner iii.
    He bought it brand new.
    We inspected it and it's still in really good condition, for it's age.

    We are going to replace all the lines, apart from breather hoses, they're fine.
    We will also need to replace spark plug leads and rebuild the carbs.
    Is there a specific website where I can order all the parts needed in one hit?

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    You can't replace the spark plug wires, they are attached to the coil. You can send them to jetskisolutions and they can replace them. I'd also recommend sending the start stop switch also. They do excellent work.

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    Blowsion had all the stuff I needed, but frankly, I think I bought out the last of their sbn44 mikuni kits Not sure if they have anymore in stock yet.

    It should only have a single sbn44

    gonna want 1/8 for oil injection and 1/4 for the fuel, although I have read the 3/16 line works better for fuel. I may try it down the road.

    I went with a solas 13/16 impeller on my ski this summer, and it was well worth the upgrade. I piked it up from imrpos.

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