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Thread: Contacted BRP

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    Contacted BRP

    Hi guys i sent a email to BRP asking if i did my own Fall oil change and did my winterization myself if it would affect my warranty. Heres there reply .......

    We do not recommend self servicing of the units. If something were to happen due to it not being serviced by certified BRP dealership, then it would not be covered under warranty.

    We would recommend speaking with a certified BRP dealership for suggestions and recommendations.

    So what do you think of the response ? BS or not .

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    I replied to this by asking if a small engine repair shop that works on can-Am and Ski-doo's could do my oil change and winterize . heres what they said .

    Thank you for taking the time to contact BRP.

    In response to your request, we recommend to have the unit serviced by a certified BRP. As per the operator's guide, we do not suggest self maintenance or work done by a non BRP dealership. If an issue were to arise, and it was found to be an issue caused by not having proper maintenance done, then it wouldn't be covered under warranty. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

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    I think your dealer has a lot to do with it as well. If the dealer is on your side then that will go a long way to helping you get things covered. But if they decide you cracked a part due to water freezing in the system (like intercooler?) then your screwed.

    I think the response they sent is total BS however. I would take a guess that most people can do at least as good a job as the dealer. They work on book time and they just want to do every job as quickly as possible. They don't take their time, and they may not be careful.

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    I installed a Fizzle IC and through hull on a friends PX and Cycle Springs kept his warranty when the PTO seal let go, puked the oil and seized the engine. It's all in the dealer.

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    I realize you want to do the right thing but why on earth would you put yourself on record with BRP about doing your own oil changes. Not sure why you expect them to give any other "canned" reply.

    Bottom line, doing your own oil changes DOES NOT alter your warranty (or said part). This is part of the 1975 case (in US) called "Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act"

    What is VERY important is you keep oil & filter receipts and mark down the hours when service is performed (or take picture of hour meter). The exception would be if you stripped out the oil filter cap (bolt in block) or it wasn't seated proper and caused oil/engine loss. Buy OEM oil filter (its the best) and use oil that "meets the requirements"

    Any dealer or manufacturer voiding warranty because you changed your oil (properly) can be brought to State court (sued) and pick up your attorney fees.

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    Dont think i put myself on record as doing my own oil changes etc etc , even if i did do a pre required oil change myself at 20 hrs .
    My sea-doo will have the 50 hrs on it as stated in 2016 guide for the next oil change that the dealer will be doing.
    All i wanted to know is if i really had to go and get my pockets cleanned at the dealer , i find it ridiculous that i can get my Ram 4X4 serviced for less than $100 oil change tire rotation and check for loose clamps and all fluid levels and a BRP dealer is going to charge me around $250 to $300 for what is probably easier to do .

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    If you were a manufacturer, you would also have a clause that addressed self servicing a machine under a factory warranty. Some people are perfectly capable and some people are yokels. They don't know what you may have done or not done or whether or not you even know what you are doing and when they have to honor a warranty claim, they want to make sure that their trained techs were the one who performed the service.

    Like Sanfish said though, the MMWA covers this. Do you have the funds to address it legally if BRP denied your claim?

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    Having worked as a Power Lineman for over 35 years , yes i think i have the funds lol But the way your coming accros is you dont mind if the average Joe that bought a PWC so his Family could enjoy the summer at the cottage has to fork up all that money for servicing his PWC .

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    If you REALLY think about what BRP is saying, they are NOT VOIDING ANYONES WARRANTY. They are simply telling you that IF YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF THE FAILURE, i.e. (pinched oil filter o-ring, not adding enough oil) and you have a failure, then YOU ARE AT FAULT AND THEY WILL NOT COVER IT.

    BRP has no idea what your level of mechanical abilities are, nor the local 2 small engine guy even if he does work on skis. So why would they warranty what you or the small engine guy F's up????

    Try doing your own oil change on your car, leave out the drain plug and blow up the motor, then ask the dealer to cover the damage!!!!

    Good luck!!!!!

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    Kinda going to the extreme end eh Tiny Just passing on info i got is all ,just take it or leave it .

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