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    Question how much would a good rxp motor cost$$

    i own a 2001 yamaha gp1200 and was wondering how much it would cost to convert it into a fast machine ...don't want to change everything i want it to be stock well not stock cuzz its a motor swap but it will be reliable then cuzz its a stock motor

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    Welcome Snedon.

    It's not very straight forward, and takes a bunch of work. I'd say that you could find a used RXP/RXT engine for around $3500-$5000 with some patience. Of course there are many cost in converting it. You can't JUST change the engine. Expect the bill to be anywhere from $7000-$10,000 depending on how you do it.

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    what would the cost be around if he bought the rxp and sold everyhing he didnt use from the 2 different skis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snoman View Post
    Is this motor a direct drop in for a 04 RXP? I'm thinking for my buddy RXP757.

    You may recall he had a valve failure. I looked at his cylinder head. The combustion chamber is pretty chewed up. I know the piston is garbage. IS it possible to fix a chewed up combustion chamber on a head? Or is it junk? I know w/o pictures its hard to say but just is it possible even. Maybe he will post some pics soon.

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