ok guy i got pressure gauge for pump tunel on my 2013 rxpx hull ,i got a ride plate i made with R@D intakegrater..

stock plate and stock intake grate tunnel pressure was 25 to 28 psi
with non stock plate and R@D intake grate pressure went 40 to 45 psi i did a "Buck" or "Overstuff" at 88 on gps all i felt was that i went over 4+4 ..
am planing to go faster than this ,any suggestion from amy that all ready hit 90+
i know is a lot of option to do but am all ear
what side nose you got??
what prop you got??
160 or 161 or up pump??
how many pressure valve you got?
anything will help
all i know is that at 40 +psi tunnel is no good lol..