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    Repairing Gouge 2005 RXP

    Long story short, Wife's brother wanted to take the ski out. Against my gut and with the FIL's encouragement that he's ridden skis his entire life, I let him take it out. Last time ANYONE rides one of my skis... Leaving the dock he tried to turn without throttle, and ran right into one of the dock support poles that had a bolt sticking out of the side. Here's the damage:

    Most of the scratches are superficial, except for the second picture which looks like it goes to fiberglass. How do I fix this? I've read two different ways to fix it, one being get gelcoat, mix up with filler to peanut butter consistency and fill in layers, sand and buff. The other way I found to fix it is to use high strength filler and use a preval sprayer to finish.
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    Piss easy fix. Just do a gelcoat repair. Carefully mask some 50mm tape 3mm from the edge of the repair. Lightly sand with 500 grit to to tape edge. Acetone out the repair and mix up some jet black gelcoat with some MEKP hardener to 1.75% and 3% wax n styrene. Apply it into the repaired area using a screed tool. After you have applied it higher then the original surface, form a piece of 50mm masking tape from one side of your original tape edge over to the other being careful that you keep it nice and flat. This may take a couple of attempts but you should end up with a nice flat filled area. Once the repairs have cured, you can rub it back with some sand paper and buff or polish with a cutting compound back to a glossy finish.
    Thats a simple way to do it for an inexperienced person to do. There is other ways i could do it but i have worked with this stuff for 27 years. Lol

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    I would agree with FPV, but would also add that if any of the gouges are deep, then on those mix the gel with cabosil to form a paste for the first coat. Then subsequent coats just use the mix that FPV recommended.

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