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    Should i go with single carb or duals on my 96 SLT700

    Creating a Frankenstein 700 for my 96 SLT700 with parts I have on hand to rebuild my engine with.

    Have quite a few parts sitting in the shop so here is what I have put together so far.

    Bottom end which came from a 2001 Virage
    Cylinders which came from Hurricane (3021009)
    New Polaris pistons 81.25mm
    Domes which came from the single carb'd Virage
    Gen 3 CDI 448 and stator
    Polaris/nu-jet impellor from Virage
    SS 6 vane stator
    Oil pump removed

    Ready to bolt the carb(s) on which I have a choice of the single carb from the Virage or the duals from my 96 SLT700. Both sets work well.
    Someone commented on another thread I have that the early duals were not that great. Any opinions if the single carb from the Virage will work with the combination I have listed?

    I also have the stock reeds from the Virage and Delta V Force reeds that I have had in the SLT700 for many years. Opinions on this are welcome too.


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    Answered my own question this weekend. The single carb was very flat starting out and then would take off. Switched over to the duals and it takes off as it should.

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    quads.a working single 40mm carb could net some $$ for you,twin 38's are a dime a dozen,yet with no accl pump to quit working and a larger amount of cfm i'd run the 38's.i built a twin set of 40's for my 700 which woke it up over the single 40 i wouldn't recommend the effort for a stock 700 when the 38's do so well and i knew i was going to build a 777 anyway

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