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    Water Regulator Bellows replacement

    Hi all,

    Seadoo GSX 1997

    The water regulator on this ski is leaking, and upon disassembly I found the clamp had corroded away, but had also make a pin prick hole in the bellows.

    I can't seem to find a Water Regulator Bellows on my local supplier website. But I can find bellows for Exhaust RAVE valves. Are the Bellows interchangeable?


    Can a pin hole be repaired with glue?

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    The exhaust bellows and water control bellows are not interchangeable parts.

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    170 That is the only place that i have ever heard of to get water regulator parts... I have found that they aren't worth my time and trouble jacking with, those are as close to new as you can get and will last a very long time.

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    glue it, the hole is pretty small and the part simply put is way overpriced.. I like gorilla glue for stuff like that. apply with toothpick only..that shiozz expands like crazy

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