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    My Virage fixed at last???

    Well I got my Virage back from the shop this week and took it for a trial run on Saturday and it ran like a champ.

    Here is the old thead if you want to read it:

    So as I last reported, I took it to a shop. They called me a week ago and said that there was something just not right in the carb. The tec said that he couldn't see anything wrong with it but he believed that it had a blocked passage. He recomended that I just replace it with a new carb since it was just rebuilt and that it didn't help it. I agreed and they replaced it with a brand spankin-new one. It was a little pricey but after fighting this thing for a year I am just glad to be in the water.

    If you read the old thread you will notice that ph2ocraft said it could be a blocked passage. Damn that guy is good.

    Thanks to all, for your help, ideas, and support. This is truly the BEST pwc site on the web.

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    Whoooooo Hoooooo another Polaris is back on the water!!
    Glad it worked out for you!!

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