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    2009 stx15f wont excelerate.

    Have a 2009 STX 15F that runs like the TPS is bad. Pull the throttle and just bogs down. You can get it to go if you work the throttle for a while. Had a parts ski in the shop, replaced the injectors and fuel pump as well. Complete Throttle body as well. Still runs like crap. I hate just changing parts, No Codes. Spark plugs look black and dry, like its to much fuel. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks. Ski has 100 hr on it.

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    Replace plugs first
    check FP
    exhaust leaks

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    Plugs changed. Fuel pressure 46

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    Did you check the blue exhaust coupler right in front of waterbox for rips or holes ?

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    cam sensor

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